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Music Download Center is an application where you can download your favourite songs completely free of charge and hassle-free, through a simple and clean interface.

Basically, the app works by searching the following websites for matches for your chosen artist or song title: mp3skull, vmp3, wuzam, dilandau, vpleer, soundcloud, mp3skip, emp3world, mp3fusion, Wrzuta, goear and prostopleer. If any matches are found in one of these pages, you can either stream or download them.

In the first instance, to stream your song, you just double click on the name. While to download it, you just click on the download button found on the right of each song.

Other features in Music Download Center allow you to listen to Internet radio stations directly from the interface, and surf the web without ever having to leave the program.

Music Download Center is an outstanding application to listen to and download music, it not only has a huge catalogue of songs, but also an overwhelming range of features and capabilities.
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